With a little help from my friends...

Looking back and moving forward

Welcome to Unsetting Expectations—a newsletter for high-performing, high-achieving, perfectionist workaholics grappling with issues of never feeling satisfied, always working crazy long hours, and not feeling proud of their accomplishments, written and curated by Franka Grubisic.

Thank you for being here! After almost 6 months of Unsetting Expectations, today we’re looking back and moving forward with a small request to you.

👈 Looking back

When starting this newsletter, I had no idea what it will grow into. It was “just” an output of my thoughts, broadcasted to the internet so that people feeling similar things or being in similar situations can find peace, knowing that they’re not alone in it.

So far, we’ve talked about:

  1. inhibiting perfectionism and expectations from the society,

  2. feeling like you’re never enough,

  3. how you lose friends as you grow,

  4. how we tend to mirror the emotions and expectations of our superiors,

  5. being compared to others,

  6. balancing work in the occasion of death,

  7. how to gently nudge yourself forward with small steps,

  8. why “Stop when you are done” is horrible advice,

  9. how to achieve work-life balance (and is it even real),

  10. uncovering yourself and your potential in a noisy world, &

  11. the cost of people pleasing.

and I’ve had a pleasure of hosting 4 brilliant guest writers along the way - with many more to come! Here’s what some of you said about the newsletter:

"I just subscribed to your newsletter. It's really inspiring.”

"It's really nice to read something so authentic.”

"I almost cried at work reading this.”

“I’ll be sharing it with my team at work today. Thanks for a thought-provoking start to the day.”

"As always, a fabulous post, so relevant, so relatable, so wonderfully raw and powerful. I love it, I love reading this every week, thank you for writing!”

👉 Moving forward

Issue after issue, your overwhelmingly positive feedback, the “yes!” answers from contributing authors and as well as your guest pitches have made me realise how big this is. And how close we are. And it’s something that I’m grateful for every day and that I deeply cherish.

As we only have one more issue before the summer break, I've put together some questions. Answering will only take a few minutes (there’s only 7 of them!), and it will help me make Unsetting Expectations more relevant and useful for you.

Take me to the questions

Answering these questions will help Unsetting Expectations to become the diverse and open space it should be. As one reader put it:

“This is such a space to be you and to share what being you means.”

And I think this is wonderful.

Here’s the link to the questions once again. If you’d like to help, but fancy a video chat instead, you can book one here (only for next week!):

Book a video call with me

Thanks for gifting me space in your inbox and sharing this journey with me. I appreciate that you’re here.

Take good care and have a lovely week, see you soon 💛